A Unique Approach to Optimizing Business Performance

"BzAdvice provides specialized business advisory and guidance services. These include Team Building, Strategic Alignment, Recruiting and Establishment of Strategic Advisory Councils. As a result of our significant business experience, our hands-on approach focuses on effective, practical and timely engagements. BzAdvice is supported by an exceptional Advisory Board comprised of public and private company CEOs whose expertise shapes the company’s structure and direction."

Strategic Advisory Councils

Most leaders are unable to fully explore their inner most thoughts and ideas with executive team or Board of Directors members. BzAdvice can establish Strategic Advisory Councils (SAC) to create such an environment for the leader. These SACs are comprised of industry colleagues and out of industry leaders that provide an energized, non-regulated and free-flowing forum. Leaders can get highly experienced feedback and guidance on the thoughts they have for the growth and well being of the corporation as well as the shareholders.

Board of Directors Governance

BzAdvice can provide a series of measurements and performance tools for the BOD. These tools will measure overall board performance, the board’s alignment with business objectives, 360 reviews of its members and advances in board meeting content and agendas.

Executive Recruiting, Team Building and Strategic Alignment

BzAdvice has been engaged in successful team member recruiting, building and strategic alignment over multiple public and private companies. Working with Presidents and Executive staffs, BzAdvice has provided both insight and an experienced outside perspective for aligning business teams both with leadership and with targeted business objective. BzAdvice professionals will conduct in-depth sessions with executive team members to establish their respective alignment with the business goals and mission. Team building can become a part of this alignment as it strengthens and widens the interaction of existing and recruited executive team members. Additionally, Team Building will optimize individual member’s strengths and balance those around areas potentially requiring more focus.

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Business Psychiatry for Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

We have been actively engaged in the leadership coaching process at the business C-suite level. These interactive activities are akin to psychiatry in that they involve listening and validating executive’s thoughts and perspectives on an individual level. These sessions serve to provide the sought after feedback and guidance necessary to achieving personal and business goals.

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